Cloudless Reflections

down from their others gently,
caressing her sun-kissed freckled,
face below beaming up into,
                           fluffy white skies, she daydreamed.

Sunlight streamed through the     gaps     of        leaves,
                          that    began    to              blow.

Jazzy melody floating on cotton fluff covered breezes,
A beloved melodic husky voice follows and,
gently                                    disappears.

               Castle of clouds above,                                              
            fold and layer lazily floating, 
             to land, on tree fluffy white
        top hats, an adorned iridescent thistle.

hay fever laden breaths of sweet summer fanned.
Narrowly sailing,
through cracked car windows whistles,
Coaxing a primal prompting urge, 
her ear pricked and sun-burnt,
Suckling desperately on spring reflections,
long since departed.

Written by Naomi V. (13/11/16)

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