The Shopkins Hype

If you’re wondering what Shopkins means than you obviously don’t have kids, and  you definitely don’t work in retail. They’re collectable grocery items with faces that would make anyone who’s over the age of 13 ask “why?”. But why is there so much hype around Shopkins? They don’t do anything special yet Australian owned, Moose Toys has beat tycoon brands such as Barbie and Lego. Only having been released in 2014, these fast growing miniatures have ricocheted to the top of the toy food chain (pun intended).

The Washington Post wrote an article stating that it was through YouTube that Shopkins had gained most of its traction. As well as it’s ability to keep up with demand, it was unstoppable. With Shopkins cartoons to entertain the young ones and unboxing videos to get them wanting more, it has clearly worked.

The online world is unique to the younger generation as they are the first to be growing up with it. Which is why address them by advertising using a platform like YouTube is so ingenious. Moose Toys addresses this platform on their exclusive Shopkins website which delves into the ‘personalities’ of each individual Shopkins. The site gives the visitors a list of the Shopkins that can be collected. It also  gives them the illusion of them having some form of personality so the children can play with them more imaginatively.

In a Daily Mail article, Cindy Tran states that YouTube isn’t the only online platform being used to push along sales. As Shopkins are collectables, there are rare characters which Tran states are being sold on sites like eBay for as much as $1500. Normal prices range from $3 for individual Shopkins to $50 for larger packs. The low price of the Shopkins are another reason for their success among kids as they themselves can save pocket money to buy them.

As the holiday period grows closer, the hype for Shopkins is evidently increasing, especially at the Target were I work. I’ve recently had a customer, who had her daughter screamed at me when I informed her that we had sold out of a particular Shopkins pack. I will understand that Shopkins are tiny, cute and the in-thing right now, but I will never understand why they’re getting so popular. I am definitely not looking forward to the ensuing weeks as Christmas closes in. It’s going to be Shopkins Armageddon.


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