Social Media Ruined by Dye and Glitter.

I, as a social media fiend, find it a bit difficult to continue my addiction these days. While this is probably for the best (seriously, I need to get off the internet!), the reason for it is just how dumb everyone online is getting! On Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, I get bombarded with the mermaid, unicorn and dragon food fad. It seems to be growing in proportion and I won’t seem to end until people get sick from eating so much glitter and food dye!

Image result for unicorn mug typoImage result for mermaid blanket

While it started off looking really nice, with colourful tail blankets and cute cups at Typo, it’s become a bit worrisome.


I just watched a video from Buzzfeed, where the woman tries to
‘Mermaid’ things. Basically all she’s doing is adding specific ‘mermaid colours’ like blue and green to things then adding glitter! Same goes for unicorn things, it’s pastel colours, and dragons are darker colours.

Image result for unicorn frappuccinoI feel like Starbucks was mainly to blame for this insurgence of mythical creature food colouring. Before them, I’m sure the rainbow bagels and overly glittered foods were fading out of pop culture. But then Starbucks released the Unicorn Frappuccino and social media goes crazy with the food dye again…

To make things worse, when they SOLD OUT OF IT (how can a drink that isn’t a caramel macchiato sell out?) they released the two new contenders.Image result for mermaid frap dragon frap unicorn frapImage result for mermaid frap

The Mermaid Frappuccino and the Dragon Frappuccino.

Honestly, maybe I just can’t connect with the younger generation anymore, but I am  the younger generation. I mean, how does that work?

Image result for out of glitter barbie life in the dreamhouse memeBut please, I’m begging all you dye and glitter crazy people, just stop. Before the world runs out of glitter!

I want my addiction to be pleasant again.

Comment and let me know I’m not alone in this!

-Naomi V 3/05/2017


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